Sizing Your Belt

Nailing the measurement for your belt is not as simple as selecting the tag size of your favourite Levi’s 501s and being done with it. These days, most jeans and trousers are vanity-sized, so your belt measurement may be as much as 2-3” larger than the tag would have you believe.

The most foolproof way to ensure you end up with the right size belt is to take one you already own and measure from the buckle end (excluding the buckle) to the hole you most frequently use. If you don’t have a belt, don your best-fitting pair of trousers, run a tape measure through the belt loops, pull it snug (but not tight) and read off your size to the nearest inch.

Each belt has five holes 1” apart. Your supplied measurement will be to the centre hole of the five. Additional holes can be added on request.

If you're in any doubt, please drop us a line at to discuss your sizing.