Where is your leather from?

Here at Slowhand Supply, we use top-grade Buttero vegetable-tanned leather from Conceria Walpier in Italy for our small goods and premium oak-tanned bridle butts from J&FJ Baker in the UK for our belts and straps.

Click here for more information on the sustainability of leather.


How do I care for my leather product?

All our leathers are stuffed with hot oils and waxes as part of the finishing process at the tanneries, so they shouldn't require much upkeep. We generally find that a light buff with a dry cloth or a horsehair brush is sufficient to remove light surface dirt, while natural oils can be used to remove more stubborn stains (though these can change the colour of your item). 

If you're unsure whether your item needs conditioning, we suggest erring on the side of caution. In our experience, over-oiling veg tan leather tends to cause more problems than it solves. You can always send us a quick message with some photos if you'd like our opinion.


Will my item look exactly like the photos?

As leather is a natural material and all products are handmade, please expect minor variations from piece to piece. We do our best to photograph our products in the most colour-accurate way possible.

Note that lighter-coloured leathers, particularly items that are handled frequently and slipped in and out of pockets, will darken considerably over time. We consider this patina a large part of the charm of vegetable tanned leather.


Could the colour transfer onto my clothing?

Please be aware that colour transfer is possible. The aniline finish on the Buttero leather used for the small goods makes this less likely, though the oak bark tanned leather belts can be prone to colour transfer, particularly when new or damp.

However, the water-based nature of the dye means that we've yet to find an instance when it doesn't wash out.


Can I customise my item?

Due to the made-to-order nature of our goods, we're happy to accommodate the addition of initials, changes to stitching and zip colour. However, we're unable to make wholesale changes to the design.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to charge a small supplement to realise your request. We will always contact you to discuss additional charges before making and shipping your order.

Customised items are not eligible for return or exchange.


Why haven't I received my newsletter subscriber discount code?

Please check your junk/spam folder and see if it's ended up in there. If you still don't have any luck, just drop us an email and we'll send a code over to you.